Gaming: 5 action-packed titles for adventure gamers

Jan 24, 2016, 08:35 IST | Jaison Lewis

Not all exciting things have to be life-threatening. Here are five games that will help you get in on the action while seated on the couch

After years being a dormant genre, adventure gaming has made a comeback over the last few years with solid titles like Broken Age, Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands. The trend seems to continue well into 2016 with these five amazing titles scheduled for a release.

1: Batman: A Telltale Game Series

Not much is revealed about the Batman adventure game other than a teaser trailer and that it will be released in 2016. Given Telltale’s mastery of the adventure genre, we are sure to have a killer game on our hands. Since adventures are about the story as much as a puzzle, Telltale can have their picking of great Batman stories from all the amazing graphic novels already out there. But we do wonder how a Batman videogame that is not action heavy would stack up with hardcore Batman fans who have already experienced a good Batman game with the Arkham series.
Platform: TBA

3: Routine

Routine is a First Person Horror adventure game set on an abandoned Moon Base. The game has a Half-Life/System Shock vibe to it and requires you to explore and solve puzzles around the base. Considering the game will also be on Oculus VR is enough to send shivers down our spine. For those who don’t know, Oculus VR is a new virtual reality headset that will let you play compatible games as if you were actually there.
Platform: PC

Last Life

Last Life is based on a transhumanist colony on Mars, where a murdered detective is bought back to life using a 3D printer. He has to solve his last case, which is linked to his own murder. This sci-fi noir genre adventure game features an interesting art style and was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Would be interesting to see how the narrative noir style fits in with the minimalist boxy art.
Platform: PC


Firewatch is a first-person mystery adventure game that takes place in the wilderness of Wyoming in the US. You play Henry who is taking care of a lookout point in the forest and can only communicate through walkie-talkie to your supervisor Delilah. The game has you investigating numerous mysterious occurrences around the forest and through all of this you have to keep watch on a forest fire that is headed your way.
Platform: PS4, PC, OSX, Linux

Allison Road

Allison Road is another first-person horror videogame. So, instead of a lunar moon base, here you are stuck in a house. Obviously, the house is possessed, with creepy picture frames, haunting music and bleeding walls the whole shabang.

This thing is the real deal. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 and if the 13-minute pre-alpha gameplay video is anything to go by, it is sure to give you nightmares. Not something you want to play with the lights off, or while you’re alone at home. 

The icing on the cake, however, is the fact that it might also have VR support.
Platform: PS4, XbOne, PC, OSX, Linux

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