Gary the goat cleared of vandalising flower bed

Jan 24, 2013, 07:39 IST | Agencies

A goat called Gary whose owner was fined for vandalism after he chomped on a city museum flower bed has walked free from court.

Police hit comedian and owner of the animal, Jim Dezarnaul aka Jimbo Bazoobi with a AUS$440 fine after Gary got hungry and snacked on the flowers outside Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Gary the Goat was caught eating public vegetation

However, Bazoobi decided the fine was unjust and decided to argue his case in court, with Gary at his side.

Court officials wouldn’t allow Gary in court but his lawyer told magistrates that there was no evidence that Gary or his owner had intended to vandalise the vegetation.

Paul McGirr, said that the police should have issued Gary the goat with the fine and not his owner.

He said: “The liability (for the fine) attaches to a person, but Gary’s not a person. In addition, it can’t be proved that Bazoobi put Gary up to the act of eating flowers.”

McGirr jokingly added: “We can’t guess what Gary might have been whispered in his goat ear.”

After hearing all the evidence, the magistrate cancelled the fine and outside court Bazoobi said: “I just think there’s so many laws and regulations in Australia which are just an abuse of common sense.

This is actually an abuse of the laws of nature – a goat eating grass. I’m a comedian – I can come up with jokes, but it’s pretty hard to compete with the cops coming out with this stuff.” 

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