Geeks in, gym rats out

Mar 04, 2014, 09:25 IST | Hassan M Kamal

If you thought your geekiness is making you less appealing among women, think again; it might just be the only thing you need to win her heart. Hassan M Kamal digs into the facts

We are really sorry to report this, but if you have been working hard in the gym, toning those six packs to impress your girl, it might be a better idea to go slow, or stop your trips. Instead, we suggest, you learn a few tricks about technology.

According to a new study conducted by US-based technology firm, Crucial, more women, around 84%, would prefer a partner who knows about computers than one who spends hours in a gym (just 15%). So, believe it or not, being geek is chic. And though the study was based in the US, the facts did resonate in India as well. Women don't want to be with muscular men as much as they do with someone who knows his gadgets (no pun intended).

Geeks solve every problem
Shrishti Iyer, 29, married to a physicist, says that the perks of marrying a geek are limitless. She spells it out, “As far as downloads are concerned they have become a breeze. No more agonising over links and print quality. I just tell him, and it's done. Also, whenever something stops working or needs fixing, it's not a problem anymore. Though sometime there's more un-assembling happening than assembling; to see him fix things is almost like I am watching a how-stuff-works video,” she adds.

Dr Rukhsana Ayaz, psychotherapist says that most women love men who can fix things. “Earlier, it was just the plumbing, but now, it includes gadgets and the Internet. Besides, we are not living in a world filled with lions and tigers. It’s always brains over brawn.”

Geeks are sexy and caring
But is it a sudden development? Not really. Over the last decade, tech-savvy people have ruled the common mindset.

First, it was Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, next arrived Steve Jobs of Apple, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google. “All these guys have not only proven that brain is superior than brawn, but are also known as philanthropists. They made the geek look cool and sexy,” says Dr Ayaz.

She adds that their philanthropic nature asserts that geeks are naturally giving and caring, the two qualities women endear among men. “A geek is more capable of providing a comfortable lifestyle, and likely to stand up for you when needed. They are also homebodies, which means they prefer to spend more time with their partners at home then with work buddies,” she adds.

Even men can’t resist
But having a geek as a partner has its own ups and downs, warns Iyer: “He often uses references to gaming characters and tech jargon in conversations leaving me flabbergasted all the time. It’s almost like we exchange a ‘Oh! You don’t know this’ versus a ‘You really expect me to know’ look.” But despite these blimps, geeks seem to have an upper hand.

According to the study, approximately 67% adults agreed that men exaggerated their tech prowess to impress a woman. The flip point being that a good percentage of women (around 12%) are also ready to end their relationship with men who lie about their technological prowess.

It’s also about compatibility
Being brainy, however, doesn't necessary mean men can get away with their obsession with gadgets or an unhealthy lifestyle. “I would prefer brains over brawn. But that doesn’t mean I would date an obese guy who knows about everything in the world. Being healthy is equally important,” says media professional, Bianca Batra, 24. She adds that conversations are important, and irrespective of whether it’s about the new app in the market, or the newest flavour of a protein shake, too much of it is a huge turn-off. “It is very important, that we are on the same level mentally as well,” reveals Batra.

The Geek Gallery of Coolness

 Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and Sergey Brin and Larry Page 

And...the best news!

Geeks have more orgasms
If you are still not convinced, how about we tell you that your techie partner is likely to be more satisfying in bed than a gym nerd. According to another study, conducted by, singles who work in computers and electronic fields have more orgasms than those in other occupations.

Now, the only thing that can probably beat that would be if you work hard on the PC muscles. But you don’t need to be a gym rat for that!

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