Geetu's tryst with music

Sep 06, 2012, 08:42 IST | Deepali Dhingra

"I have had men tell me that I make them cry and I have had someone once tell me that their hair stood up when I sang," says Geetu Hinduja.

The art consultant’s tryst with music began many years back, but it’s now that it’s public knowledge. Geetu and her band are ready with their second album, that she admits, was not on the cards. “It happened organically. It is scary, frustrating sometimes and very exciting — all at the same time,” she says. Geetu spoke to CS about the album and balancing her two passions — art and music:

Geetu Hinduja
Who: Geetu Hinduja
What: On her album and music 
Where: At her studio in Bandra 

Age is just a number
I started singing in my twenties. All the old hands in the music business know about my passion for music. Honestly I never thought about age — till people started pointing it out to me. It really does not bother me very much. I feel fortunate to be doing all the things I love to do. I have always made time for music while running my art company. All those close to me have heard me perform several times and know of my passion for music. It’s now that the larger world is hearing about it. I have readjusted the way I manage my time for art and music.

Songs and stories
The music falls into the genre of Contemporary Acoustic Folk Alternative Music. Having said that, some songs have a more folk feel. One is a traditional shloka which has been produced in a more contemporary fashion with guitars as the main instrument. There are songs that tell stories, there are songs that you could dance to. There are songs that would get you to reflect. I would say that the thread running through the album is philosophical and reflective.

A unique space
I think in this world where there is so much diversity and the influences are many; there is room for all kinds of music. As far as Geetu & Brown Folk are concerned, there aren’t too many bands that do our kind of music — the general trend these days is for rock and techno. By being a more contemporary folk band, we automatically occupy a unique space. The combination of instruments that we have in our band is also unique. I sing and play the guitar. Prasad Ruparel plays the guitar too. Sriram Sampat plays the flute and the flute as an instrument is a great counter point to my voice. We have a percussionist and a bass player. Anyone who enjoys that kind of music would naturally gravitate towards listening to us.

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