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Published: Nov 14, 2011, 10:22 IST | Payal Kamat Samant |

A self-described political liberal, George Clooney has always been in the news for his outspoken nature and political views

A self-described political liberal, George Clooney has always been in the news for his outspoken nature and political views. In his early 50s, the actor, director, screenwriter and producer, has finally managed to step in the shoes of a presidential candidate. Soon-to-hit the Indian screens is a film that gives George a lesson in dirty politics. He talks to CS:

Who: George Clooney
What: Talks about his political views and films

Political stand
I certainly prefer playing a candidate than being one. I don't wake up in the morning and say I wish I had President Obama's job. I'm sure playing a candidate is a far easier job than being one or being the president himself. So I hope my dad will be content with the part since he's been wanting me to run for the seat and I'm not sure whether it'll ever happen off screen or in real! I can surely lend support, I have in the past too, but I am happy making my views heard on various issues, not having to compromise on making decisions.

I think every two years, somebody tries to bring my name up and talk about politics in the real world. I'm not getting in politics. I have no interest in it because of the compromises you have to make. I don't have to make those kind of compromises when I get to go to the Sudan or Darfur. I get to come back and sit down in front of the Security Council at the United Nations and say, 'This is right, and this is wrong. Now how you deal with it, I don't know, but this is right and this is wrong.'

Global game
Ahh... I think politics is more or less the same throughout. I was in Italy sometime back, and I saw shades of our own politicians everywhere. So although I am not involved or aware of the parliament or politics in India, I'm sure it's not very different from other countries. And that is what this film is about. You can put this plot on the Wall Street or anywhere else. There are all the same sort of issues -- issues of morality, of whether or not to trade your soul for an outcome. So it's not just a political film.

Rule of thumb
Many say that I've been doing only serious films off late, but that's not true. I have been doing all sorts of films. I did Mr Fox, which was animation; Up in the Air didn't remain heavy all through; then there was Burn After Reading, which was a comedy, so I try and do films and characters that excite me. The Men Who Stare at Goats had funny bits too. So no, I don't want to just do serious or funny films, I do what engages and excites me.

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