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Mar 14, 2013, 00:27 IST | Kanika Sharma

Let the drums roll! The Cool Japan Festival will give Mumbai much to cheer about this weekend in its second edition. Choose from exciting music, dance, storytelling, and costume-plays or savour the best of Japanese street food at the Washoku festival

On the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between India and Japan, our island city will witness the visit of another. The Cool Japan Festival will hit our shores this weekend, March 16 and 17, bringing oodles of culture, food and products for you to enjoy.

Anuj Jodhani, Director of Maido India, event organiser, feels “Although it has been sixty years, people in India still don’t know much about Japan. This is a platform for them to acquaint and enjoy their culture.”

One of the biggest highlights of the festival is a performance of Taiko drums by Tenko, a Singapore-based group. Started by a family of Taiko drummers, the ensemble would create an upbeat atmosphere with other small instruments such as metal instruments and bamboo flutes.

There will be lots going on in the festival from traditional dances with decorative masks called Satokagura to anime sketching competitions and not to forget, costume plays called cosplays.

And there’s great news for food-lovers too, who needn’t have to stop at Sushi anymore. Jodhani, comments, “Mostly Japanese food has been restricted to the high-dining concept.

This time, we bring in many unique dishes such as Tempura, Teriyaki skewers, Curry rice, Yakitori and Okonomiyaki. All priced at `100.” You could also bring home a variety of things such as anime merchandise, Japanese beverages, soy sauces and the famous Japanese ceramic ware.

Till March 16 to 17 1 pm to 9.30 pm
At High Street Phoenix Courtyard, Lower Parel.

The India connect!
Don’t miss a performance by Sarbjit Singh Chadha, the first non-Japanese Enka singer who will be part of this festival 

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