Get destructive when you're angry? Head over to the 'Anger Room'

Apr 24, 2012, 11:03 IST | ANI

A business called the 'Anger Room' in Texas, USA is providing a place for customers to smash, bash and break everything in sight to unleash their frustrations

This may prevent frustrated people from destroying things in their own houses or taking it out on a loved one.

But psychologists warn it could be a dangerous way to vent frustrations, a major newspaper reported.

Founder Donna Alexander began the business out of her garage in 2008 to provide a non-traditional form of stress relief after dealing first-hand with hard-to-control anger, according to TV news reports.

But within the last four years the popularity of her services has led her to expand to a storefront.

According to the ‘Anger Room’ website, by paying 25 dollars customers are allowed five minutes in a mock room that simulates an actual workplace, living area or kitchen - complete with dummies, mannequins, televisions and other breakable items.

After donning a protective jumpsuit, face mask, hard hat and goggles, they are allowed inside for an uninterrupted session of unleashing.

A description on the website reads: “We all get angry, we’re human, so why not do everything you’ve dreamed of doing when you’re mad without paying the insane cost and severe consequences of your actions. Here you’re not crazy, just angry and we’re here to help.”

And while the ‘Anger Room’ states it is not a mental help or medical facility, experts warn the ‘entertainment’ its owner claims to provide could prove dangerous by fuelling anger, not releasing it.

“The problem is for some people this can actually increase their aggression, increase their sense of anger. So then they leave there, where do they put it then?” Dr Jennifer Hartstein told the network.

“And it doesn’t actually solve the problem. This is a quick stop. And it’s also expensive,” she said.

Dr Hartstein suggests investing in a more long-term, and healthy, solution - such as exercise, or simply breathing.

“Find a way to release the feelings if you can’t change the situation... there’s all these healthy ways. If you can stop and take some deep breaths, you can actually make a different choice after that,” she said.  

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