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Sep 16, 2011, 09:54 IST | Rocky thongam

When fearless Dilliwalas venture meekly into Gurgaon

When fearless Dilliwalas venture meekly into Gurgaon

The modern Dilliwala is an odd animal. Five days a week he meekly survives road rage, gaping potholes, long business meetings, tele-marketing callers and unruly house maids. Then on the fateful seventh day, he unleashes the suppressed raging hulk-like green monster inside him. Like an arrogant carnivore on prowl, he raids all restaurants and marks his territory in true feline style. 

 But rarely the fearless and macho Dilliwala steps into unknown territories. Despite Gurgaon's growing culinary reputation, courtesy the mushrooming MNCs, cross your heart and tell us when was the last time you stepped into the city that has the third highest per capita income in the country (the Sushi session your Japanese boss forced you into doesn't count).

Vincent Joseph

I happened to visit Mosaic, the multi-cuisine restaurant in Country Inn and Suites by Carlson, yesterday (reluctantly breaking the fearless-on-a-weekend Dilliwala syndrome). The restaurant was in the middle of a party with aunties and chachis milling around in their fineries. With the help of Vincent Joseph, the executive chef and Carlson's own loving wizard (strangely he looks like one) I tried the buffet spread. A basic menu with two soups and salads, a non-vegetarian and six vegetarian main courses, with desserts.

The ones that I tried and which deserve mention are Tandoori paneer tikka Patiala. Marinated the right way with an appropriate hint of coriander, cumin and cloves in the tandoori masala. And if your chicken is skinned, boned and cubed skillfully and your tomatoes aren't canned and the yoghurt fresh, you get Murg Makhani, Chef Vincent-style. The Dal panchratan is an effortless amalgamation of five dals, takes just half-an-hour to cook like all your simple dals and evokes strong childhood memories.

The restaurant promises a Pan-Asian food festival where one can expect a more elaborate culinary affair compared to this basic buffet.  The simple yet satisfying meal left a simple smile on my face. Vincent loves telling you stories about the people who have enjoyed his culinary talent, such as former US President Jimmy Carter. And he'll also tell you about the Shah of Iran and his opulence. A date with White-throated Kingfishers and Crested larks at the Sultanpur National Park (15km from Gurgaon) and then a simple but sumptuous meal in Mosaic. Seems like the fearless Dilliwalla has indeed found new territories he can conquer.

At: Country Inn and Suites by Carlson, Sector 12, Gurgaon
Timings: 6.30to 10am, noon to 3pm, 7 to 11pm
Ring: 124 6655556
Meal for two: Rs 800 + taxes

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