Global survey ranks Indians lowest on penis size

Feb 08, 2013, 12:22 IST | ANI

The size of the penis of an average Indian falls among the bottom four along with Thailand, South Korea and North Korea, a new survey has found

The research suggests that the men from Britain have bigger penises than those in France, but are less well endowed than Germans.

The average British man’s penis is apparently 5.5 inches when erect - coming ahead of the French at 5.3 inches, Australians (5.2 inches), Americans (5.1 inches) and Irish (5 inches).

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British men, who tower over the average manhood in North and South Korea - the smallest in the study at a mere 3.8 inches – came only 78th out of 113 nationalities covered in the study.

The men of Africa’s Republic of Congo are best equipped of all at 7.1 inches.

The sensitive subject has been tackled by Richard Lynn, emeritus professor of psychology at Ulster University.

According to Lynn, the findings confirm previous theories of “race differences in penis length.”

“For most populations penis length are predictable and confirmed,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

Average penis size by country was:
Republic of Congo - 7.1 inches
Ecuador - 7 inches
Ghana - 6.8 inches
Colombia - 6.7 inches
Iceland - 6.5 inches
Italy - 6.2 inches
South Africa - 6 inches
Sweden - 5.9 inches
Greece - 5.8 inches
Germany - 5.7 inches
New Zealand - 5.5 inches
UK - 5.5 inches
Canada - 5.5 inches
Spain - 5.5 inches
France - 5.3 inches
Australia - 5.2 inches
Russia - 5.2 inches
USA - 5.1 inches
Ireland - 5 inches
Romania - 5 inches
China - 4.3 inches
India - 4 inches
Thailand - 4 inches
South Korea - 3.8 inches
North Korea - 3.8 inches

The study has been published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. 

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