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Sep 23, 2011, 11:10 IST | Prachi Sibal

Food lovers have all reasons to celebrate as the UpperCrust Food and Wine Show returns to town with stalls, demos, competitions and more

Food lovers have all reasons to celebrate as the UpperCrust Food and Wine Show returns to town with stalls, demos, competitions and more

It's back in as big a way as the last time and is calling out to the foodie in you. The UpperCrust Food and Wine Show, after eight editions in Mumbai, has returned to Bangalore for its second edition.

Farzana Behram Contractor joins in the fun of wine stomping
at the Upper Crust Food & Wine Show from last year

While the overall format remains unaltered, this gourmet exhibition comes with a few additions and a larger scale, all in al fresco style.
Farzana Behram Contractor, Editor  & Publisher, UpperCrust magazine, gives The Guide a sneak peek into what is in store for this year.

First timer? No worries
The festival cum exhibition is for everyone  from the foodies to somebody who is taking baby steps into the industry or the world of gourmet tasting. "Come at leisure, walk through the food aisles, the wine alley, take your time, taste, ask questions, check prices. Be discerning, decide what you would like to take home. Gain food knowledge. Eat lunch, sitting on the beautiful lawns, enjoy a glass of wine. Catch a food demo. Go home feeling great," says Contractor talking about what somebody going to this festival for the first time must expect and try.

Besides over a 1000 gourmet goodies across stalls, a wine alley that lets you taste and sip national and international wines, there is more for the reluctant cooks and all those who are looking to have some fun (think grape crushing and lush lawns). "Apart from shopping for goodies, it has to be the Celebrity Chefs Mystery Basket Cookery Contest, where five of the top chefs from the city will compete for the title. They won't know till the last minute what ingredients we will hand over to them. It's on Saturday at 4 pm. There is also the Grape Stomping on Sunday evening which is a lot of fun, especially for youngsters," Contractor tells us. What's more, the show which begins today will be inaugurated by city fashion gurus Prasad Bidappa, Sanchita Ajjampur and Manoviraj Khosla.

Food Shows and more
Though food shows in the city have been popular and witness walk-ins from not just gourmands but amateurs too, Contractor tells us they are all set to go the international way in the future. "We open doors for the international culinary trade to set in and help the Indian taste buds open up to international tastes. The UpperCrust Show will be presented to many more cities all over the country. Food shows are not easy to organise, but they are here to stay. The process of evolution never stops. We all keep learning, doing better. At UpperCrust Show, we have put a great concept together and it works well. We have honed our skills admirably. The exhibitors are pleased with how we conduct these shows and our success is in their success," she adds.

Where The Lalit Ashok, Kumara Krupa Road
On September 23, 24 and 25
Call 09821046822          
Free Entry

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