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May 15, 2012, 08:05 IST | Rahul Ravikumar

Shaolin grandmasters come to Pune to impart training and spread the knowledge of the martial art of Shaolin

With the foundation stone for India’s first Shaolin Temple being laid recently at Malavali, Puneites need not embark on a long journey to China to discover the Shaolin way of life.

Grand masters from China training at the temple

The Shaolin Temple India Trust along with Naisargik Sansthan, an NGO spearheaded by Satish Moon, have devised a range of comprehensive training programmes designed for specific age groups to spread the practice of Shaolin.

“The purpose of learning martial arts is not to harm others but to help them. It’s a way of life which encompasses one’s body, mind and heart,” says Kanishka Sharma, head of The Shaolin Temple India Trust.

“People always tag the words martial arts, events and medals together. It never works that way,” adds Sharma as he explains how this martial art must be learnt for one’s personal growth and not merely to win a competition.

Dashifu Shi Heng Jun, Kanishka Sharma and Shifu Shi Yan Fang strike a pose at the launch of the Shaolin Temple

Dashifu Shi Heng Jun and Shifu Shi Yan Fang, grandmasters from Shaolin Temple China are dedicated to promoting Shaolin arts in India. Due to the deep links that Shaolin has with India and Lord Buddha, its principles are on the concepts of Moving Meditation.

“This meditation requires one to be at peace with one’s mind, even when they are in motion. It also includes physical exercises and training techniques to control the heart and mind,” explains Dashifu Shi Heng Jun.

Thirty young adults from underprivileged families are appointed as flag bearers at the institute where they will proceed to be trained as Shaolin Warriors.
After intense training at the temple, these children will be qualified as instructors to spread the knowledge and practice of this martial art.

“This initiative is aimed at creating better examples for society. When these Shaolin Warriors return to their villages after becoming better individuals, they would definitely help bring overall improvement there,” says Sharma. Though the Shaolin Temple received over 500 registrations right after the launch, registrations are
still on.

At Malavali.
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