Goa accident: Lone survivor remains critical

Feb 10, 2017, 13:15 IST | Rupsa Chakraborty and Aparna Shukla

Sion hospital doctors operate on Abhishek Kambli (19), who sustained serious injuries to his cervix, affecting his spine in the horrific car crash that killed seven

Remains of the car in which the eight, including Abhishek Kambli, were travelling. File pics
Remains of the car in which the eight, including Abhishek Kambli, were travelling. File pics

The only survivor from the eight friends, on their way to Goa in a Xylo, who met with a fatal accident near Ratnagiri continues to be critical.

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Abhishek Kambli (19) underwent an eight-hour-long surgery for his cervix in Sion hospital. He is under observation of the orthopaedic department for the next 72 hours.

Abhishek Kambli
Abhishek Kambli

This is the second tragedy to have befallen the family in the last four months after the sudden death of his father.

Break gone bad
Abhishek suffered serious injuries to his cervix, affecting his spine. “Due to the impact of the accident, his cervix was hit badly. It had an adverse effect on his spine. He needed to be operated on immediately to minimise the risk of paralysis. He also has fractures in his leg, but these aren’t so serious,” said a doctor.

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“The operation was successful, but we can’t say anything for the next 48 hours.”

The family is still recovering from the shock of his father’s death. As luck would have had it, friends had suggested a grieving Abhishek that he go on a break to Goa.

“His mother was struggling to come to terms with the death of his father, and now, her son is admitted in hospital. After the second shock, her health has deteriorated and she’s completely bedridden now,” said Vidyadhar Parker, Abhishek’s uncle.

News awaited
After his father’s death, his mother and sister had taken up jobs to support the family and help Abhishek in his education. Now, the family is funding his treatment with their limited savings.

“We brought him to the hospital around 8 am; they took him for surgery at 9 am. It has been eight hours and he is still inside. I don’t know how he is now,” said his sister Puja.

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