Going Dutch

Sep 09, 2011, 09:43 IST | Rocky Thongam

A Dutch woman is threading up a string of yummy bagels in the Capital and NCR. Have you paid her a breakfast visit yet?

A Dutch woman is threading up a string of yummy bagels in the Capital and NCR. Have you paid her a breakfast visit yet?

Why did the bagel lose the election? Because it was the victim of a schmear campaign! There are two good things about bagels. First, it gives you a chance to show off your funny bone because there are loads of jokes revolving around this roll-with-a hole bread product. Second, if your jokes are as lame as the one above, you can gobble them up and destroy all evidence.

Dutch pancake with chocolate

At Bagel's Caf � in Defence Colony you can do both. Lalita de Goederen, the accidental founder of the caf � (with a degree in mass communication from the University of Amsterdam) won't mind if you fix your derriere on one of the comfortable chairs and gobble yourself away to doomsday (as long as your jokes show improvement). The caf � (fourth in Delhi and NCR in span a span of two years) isn't easy difficult to find in Def Col since it stands at a jinxed placed where other ventures have taken shape in the past and withered away.

The walls are adorned by art works like this by Sharmistha Dutta

Expect the regular cafe chairs which put you at ease, and the standard amount of lighting and sunlight which helps you start your breakfast. The art work on the walls is attention-grabbing. Of course, nowadays every other joint does that. Here Sharmistha Dutta's works adorn the works -- apt for a caf � like Lalita's.

The menu ranges from cream cheese bagels to clubs (sausage, chicken, salmon) topped with an omelet. Then you have your Dutch pancakes (cheese, bacon, cinnamon and sugar, banana and chocolate) with a twist. The banana and chocolate one that I tried looked like a parantha, though didn't churn up the appetite a robust parantha can. Of course, the comparison is totally unfair but the point I'm trying to make is a breakfast menu should evoke a hearty response no matter in which part of the globe you have it.

However, the Chicken bagel sandwich does the trick. One bite into it and bingo! If you are here, this should start your day. Try the Stroopwafel too (syrup waffle in English), with your cappuccino. Imagine yourself walking through Gouda's cheese market as your coffee steam helps melt the Stroopwafel's syrup.

The caf � runs on enthusiasm and Lalita's love for food. For someone with no formal background, she struggles with other operational aspects of the business. But one thing is sure -- you'll find the bagel of your choice here, even if your jokes still suck!

At: Bagel's Caf �, Defence Colony Market 
Timings: 8 am to 11 pm
Call: 46016061
Meal for two: Rs 600

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