Good intention, poor direction

Jan 13, 2012, 17:34 IST | Shubha Shetty Saha

Good intention, poor direction

Sadda Adda
Dir: Muazzam Beg
Cast: Karanvir Sharma, Robin Robert, Bhaumik Sampat, Kunal Pant, Rohit Arora, Shaurya Chauhan, Parimal Alok, Kahkkashan Aryan
Rating: ** (Two)

Bollywood has had a pretty good record with boy bonding movies. After 3 Idiots, Pyar Ka Punchnama almost hit the mark. Sadda Adda could have made it too, but unfortunately it falters in execution and hence fails to entertain like its successful predecessors.

The story revolves around six young fellas sharing a bachelor pad. Safal (Parimal Aloke), the only simpleton in the gang, is preparing for the Civil Services Exams, while the naughty bunch consists of Rajat (Rohin Robert), Jogi (Rohit Arora), an undergraduate Irfan (Bhaumik Sampat), whose boss is giving him the nightmares, and Sameer (Karanvir Sharma), a stage actor who aspires to be a movie hero.

The story talks about how easily the youth gets distracted and how just as easily they get frustrated if the goal is not met. Decent script, decent enough actors and breezy humour makes it a watchable film with able direction. However, the direction (debut by Muazzam Beg) is sketchy and shallow at most points.

Each of the boys' lives is touched upon casually, and this approach doesn't really allow the audience to connect with any of them. The romantic bits are handled quite awkwardly too. The casting is done well, but the potential of the actors is not fully explored. Among the boys Rohit Arora, Bhaumik Sampat and Karanvir Singh/Sharma? stand out with their natural performances.

The thought behind the movie is bang on: No crisis is so big that if you stick it out, it won't go away. If only the execution was just as thoughtful. Good intention, but disappointingly inconsistent.

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