Good, old vintage

Sep 10, 2012, 07:54 IST | Dhara Vora

An unlikely seller of things vintage, actor Karran Khanna will interest collectors of cool nostalgic pieces through his enterprise, The Vintage Boutique

Playing Ameesha Patel’s husband in Honeymoon Travels Pvt Limited and stocking interesting vintage sunglasses and Rajasthani cupboards might come across as a unique contrast. Meet 36-year-old actor Karran Khanna, who runs an online vintage curio showroom, The Vintage Boutique even as he reminds us that “acting is still on. I am meeting a lot of people and looking for something good.”

Khanna, who took a sabbatical from acting and the city, had been running an antique shop in Parra, Goa for three years, “I needed to give me some peaceful time, and a release from this city. I was tired of shuttling between SoBo and Lokhandwala. Goa fitted the bill, and I moved there.” But while some actors dabbled with interior designing, fashion or theatre, Khanna started an antique shop as he was always interested in art, furniture and paintings.

Some of the furniture on sale

“I find antiques a bit boring as compared to vintage. Vintage always catches my eye and hence I sell stuff that I would love to keep, if I don’t sell it,” adds Khanna. The big difference between antique and vintage is that antique might be anything that has survived at least a 100 years while vintage applies to an object that is representative of a particular era and year or even the manufacturer and the number of pieces of the item that were created. So, a 1930 LBD by Coco Chanel is vintage, and not an antique.

The tiny Mycro miniature camera

When Khanna met with a bike accident, he had to return to Mumbai for treatment. A month into his stay, he began putting his online vintage store together in the city. While he stocks a range of products that include electric meters, cameras, lighters, we particularly loved the sunglasses collection that are a mix of Ray Ban, Balenciaga and Cartier. “What’s great about these products is the way they are made. The winding mechanism of all the products — be it a light meter or a camera is of such good quality that these are still in working condition. The sunglasses have glass lenses instead of plastic. Today, if a tiny something happens to our digital camera it stops working but these cameras were worth their price then as they still run,” says Khanna.

Karran Khanna

Apart from a range of typewriters and cameras, Khanna also stocks a few interesting finds that we can’t wait to check out — a fake machine gun on stand that releases sparks with the help of a click, a kerosene-run film projector, and a spaceship that lights up in multiple colours with the winding of its key. He will soon be bringing down the rest of his antiques from Goa that includes furniture, carpets, frames and more cameras. The wide range of products ensure that prices start at as low as Rs 1,000.

To buy a product, connect with him, after browsing though products on the Facebook page, and visit his Altamount Road residence for a first-hand dekko. Khanna is happy to home-deliver the product in case you don’t fancy the trip, “That’s how I meet people and find interesting objects. You never know what you might spot in a bylane some place. This city is full of surprises.”

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