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Jan 11, 2013, 00:15 IST | Soma Das

Browse through limited edition fine art prints at The Serigraph Studio's Bombay Art Morning this Saturday. From Sakti Burman to SH Raza, you may just head home with an artwork by a master bought at a fraction of the cost

Art aficionados have much to cheer. Now, it’s possible to own affordable artworks by greats like SH Raza and Jehangir Sabavala. This weekend, the Bombay Art Morning will mark the opening of the limited edition art studio — The Serigraph Studio in the city. The Serigraph Studio was initially a publishing firm set up in 2003.

Mourning Ravana by Paritosh Sen

For art’s sake
At the event, one can check limited edition serigraphs over cutting chai and Vada Pav. The serigraphs have been created by the artists or under their supervision through the process of screen-printing. This form of art is authentic and approved by the artists themselves. The Serigraph Studio is collaborating with the artists to publish, release and distribute a complete edition of fine art prints, which are signed by artists and printed by them in a limited edition, exclusively for the Studio.

Lavesh Jagesia, art collector and owner of The Serigraph Studio says, “The idea is to provide an opportunity for art lovers who find it difficult to acquire expensive original art, and to introduce them to contemporary fine art prints by renowned artists at affordable prices.” Serigraphs, as a concept, were created to make available affordable art of masters, and carry forward their legacy. It makes for a reasonably-priced option compared to expensive original art. When all the limited edition serigraphs are sold out, a secondary market opens that brings in the appreciation for that particular serigraph.

The Sorrowing Men by Sabavala

Master stroke
On display will be artworks by eight masters including Jehangir Sabavala, Sakti Burman, Jogen Chowdhury, SH Raza, Ram Kumar, Paritosh Sen and Ganesh Haloi, priced from `36,000 onwards. “This year, we plan to launch and add a few more noted artists to our repertoire of names as well,”
added Jagesia.

The process of creating the serigraphs involves applying inks layer by layer on the paper to build up the image, just like an artist applies paint layer by layer to create a painting. Depth and perspective in a serigraph allows the viewer to engage with it as in a painting, which is normally not found in other types of prints.

Purdah by Jehangir Sabavala

“Globally, serigraphs are a known form of collecting art and the phenomenon is catching up in the Indian art arena as well. One can expect serigraphs to appreciate every year. Since serigraphs are created under artists’ supervision and via a process that is authentic, artists are willing to carry forward their legacy through this concept, which makes art available at a fair value. The concept is catching up among aspirational buyers and art enthusiasts,” concludes Jagesia.

On January 12, 9 am to 12 pm
At The Serigraph Studio, Perry Cross Road, Bandra (W). 

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