Groom's family forces bride to strip suspecting skin disease

May 16, 2017, 05:55 IST | mid-day online correspondent

A bride was allegedly forced to strip in front of her groom's family after a member from the groom's side spread the rumour that the woman was sufffering from a skin disease

Groom’s family forces bride to strip suspecting skin disease
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In one of the most shameful incidents, a bride in Uttar Pradesh’s Mahoba district was allegedly asked to strip in front of the women of the groom’s family after a rumour accounting to her suffering from Leukoderma spread in the air.

According to a report in Times of India, the groom named Jai Hind refused to marry bride Teeja after one of his relatives claimed that she was suffering from Leukoderma. Leukoderma is a skin disease that forms white patches on the skin.

The story did not end with the accusation being imposed on Teeja. The groom not only refused to go ahead with the wedlock, but also his family created a commotion in the wedding venue. The ruckus created by the groom’s side came to a halt only after Teeja’s father called the police for intervention.

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The police decided to call for a Panchayat meeting where it was concluded that the wedding will take place only after it is confirmed that the bride do not suffer from the disease. Following the decision, Teeja was taken to a small room at the police station where she stripped in front of Jai Hind’s aunts and female cousins.

After it was found that the rumour was fake and Teeja do not suffer from Leukoderma, Jai Hind’s family went back to the wedding venue where the ceremony was solemnized in front of police officials. Station house officer Rita Singh told to the website, "the girl's father had withdrawn his complaint. We also took a 'mafinama' (apology letter) from the groom's parents".

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