Gujarat CM Narendra Modi tweets MiD DAY story

Jul 24, 2013, 08:22 IST | A correspondent

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi tweeted his comments on MiD DAY's story on the fracas at Aditi restaurant yesterday.

Height of Intolerance! #AditiRestaurant

This tweet from the Gujarat Chief Minister, with a link to MiD DAY’s cover story, was retweeted 3801 times.

Modi also posted on the issue on his Facebook page: “Today morning, I tweeted ‘Height of Intolerance’ on Twitter over the Aditi Restaurant case in Mumbai. Many netizens expressed their opinion to me over the tweet and the case. Sharing some of them here.”

As of 9 am, this post received 25,759 likes, 5,659 shares and 1,651 comments

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