Hamilton used to rely on 'lucky' boxer shorts to win races

Jul 31, 2013, 13:11 IST | ANI

Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he was so superstitious that he relied on lucky boxer shorts to win races, until his mum wrecked them in the wash

According to the Mirror, as a young karter, the winner of last Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix even used to carry a conker as a lucky mascot from brother Nic and it was only when his pre-race ceremony went wrong and he crashed out as a teenage Formula 3 racer that he ditched superstitious rituals.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton. Pic/ AFP

Hamilton said that he used to keep the conker in his race suit and used to put one sock on one way and a helmet visor tear-off on, until something happened to the tear-off in F3 and he crashed.

The racer said that from that day onwards, he stopped being superstitious and now nothing got in his way.

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