Hard 'kaur' romantic!

May 12, 2013, 23:47 IST | Special Features

It might not seem so, but singer Hard Kaur is a romantic at heart.

So why is she still single, CS asked her recently. “My mom also keeps asking me why I’m not getting married. I just tell her I’m used to being alone.

Hard Kaur

Anyway, I’ve seen so many people in the film industry in marriages of convenience that it puts me off,” she said. And since it’s Hard Kaur we’re talking about, how could she let it go so easily?

“I’m a one man woman. I would like to fall in love. But if he cheats on me, I will kill him and then I will have to go to jail. I think people already know that, so they stay away from me!” she laughed. So who’s man enough for Hard Kaur? 

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