Hate Story - Movie review

Apr 21, 2012, 06:32 IST | Shaheen Parkar

The film is based on Vikram Bhatt's story and it looks like he is hellbent on proving to his uncles Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt that their well-known mix of revenge, hate and abundant skinfest he can do better

But the biggest grouse is that within a few reels, the plot gets so predictable that you can hazard a safer guess what is going to unfold. Bengali actress Paoli Dam as the femme fatale Kavya is out to settle scores with businessman Siddharth (played by Gulshan Devaiah) the man who did her wrong. She strangely resorts to the world’s oldest profession to seek revenge.

And even hires the city’s best woman at the job to train her! She encounters balance sheets as comfortably as she slips off her clothes to go under the bedsheets with her prospective clients.

Somehow the guys (which include businessman and politicians) fall prey so easily. Before you can even count up to five, they are ready to make out. There are lots of intimate scenes in bathtubs filled with rose petals, in the rains and on the couch. The four-letter word is also liberally used to add to the titillation.

But the fact is that Kavya is a journalist who after a successful sting operation becomes a victim herself! What on earth made such a bright smart woman fall prey in the first place, blame it on the loose storyline.

Paoli, who makes her Bollywood debut, looks like a mix of B-Town’s Bong brigade that includes Tanushree Dutta and Koena Mitra. She appears to be extremely comfortable in front of the camera whether with her clothes or without them.

There’s also Nikhil Dwivedi as her buddy who has precious little to do except watch from the sidelines what she’s up to or prune plants.
Agnihotri (whose earlier flicks include Chocolate and Goal) tries to bring alive the tale but is hampered by the script despite the good production values making it for just an okay watch. 

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