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I have fallen for this guy who has a great sense of humour. He floors me by his wit and I love the way he makes me laugh all the while...

Dear Diana,
I have fallen for this guy who has a great sense of humour. He floors me by his wit and I love the way he makes me laugh all the while. He treats me like a queen and splurges me with gifts. My friends, however, find him irritating. They feel he overdoes things and tries to be funny for the heck of it. I have known him for barely six months, but he is a charming man. He has this knack of creating rhymes on the spur-of-the-moment. I tell him he should be a poet. Right now, I do not know where we are headed. Should I just stay friends with him or drop hints that I like him? At the same time, what is disturbing me is the kind of talk that my pals have been indulging in. They feel he is like a court jester. I am confused. What should I do as I have fallen for him? He says he kinda likes me. He is gifted when it comes to playing with words.
— Tamanna

Illustration/ Uday Mohite

Dear Tamanna,
First of all, have you fallen for him or his humour and word play? From what you have said, it appears that you are more in love with his rhymes and wisecracks. He might be saying all this to charm you and get you hooked. At the same time, you cannot turn a blind eye to what your friends are telling you. They feel he is a like a court jester! He may be the kind of guy who loves to be the life of a party and entertain everyone, but what should be of concern is his character. If he tells you he kinda loves you, it is a signal that things could be amiss. What does he mean by it? You seem to be charmed by his sense of humour, but that’s how he is luring you. Are you genuinely in love with him or in what he says? You need to do a reality check and introspect. Or else, this guy is better off putting his word play to use in an ad agency, rather than on you.

Diana will solve it!

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First Published: 05 December, 2015 06:00 IST

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