He loves me more than himself: Payal Rohatgi

Apr 11, 2012, 08:34 IST | Shaheen Parkar

Controversy queen Payal Rohatgi wants to begin anew and talks about going steady with beau Sangram Singh

Payal Rohatgi may have been involved (or created!) a lot of controversies but the starlet feels she is in an extremely happy space now with beau Sangram Singh.

She met the wrestler-turned-actor exactly a year ago. Later they participated in an adventure reality show after which the two became a couple. Payal now wants to keep her past behind and begin anew on a fresh note both professionally and personally…

You both are seen together everywhere. Are you planning to take the relationship to the next level?
Every committed individual wants a future for his or her relationship. We are inseparable and so we are seen together everywhere. At the moment, Sangram and I are concentrating on our careers as we both come from humble backgrounds and don’t have godfathers to foot our bills. We want to secure ourselves before taking the vows.

Your name has been synonymous with controversies — Bigg Boss, Rahul Mahajan, Dibakar Bannerji and your recent catfight with Munisha Khatwani on the adventure show.
The past is not to be even bothered about. I am happy where am I right now.

How did you guys click?
Sangram and I are totally opposite in nature. I am very hyper and impulsive; he is cool and composed. Guess we complimented each other on the adventure show. A lot of detractors thought our friendship was superficial. But the fact that we are still together says everything.

Has he changed you and vice versa?.
Both of us constructively change each other as Sangram has made me less impulsive. I, on the other hand, advice him about the dos and don’ts of the industry as I have more experience of it. But apart from that we let each other be — individual space and growth are very important.

So Sangram is the best thing that has happened to you?
Yes. Sangram is the best thing that has happened in my life. He loves me more than himself. It is because of him that I have given up the so-called fake lifestyle of partying, etc, as I enjoy his company and his honesty. He is very simple, yet intelligent. He is ambitious and wants to achieve more in life and above all he is loyal.

What are you currently working on?
We both are working on a play, as Sangram will get to polish his acting skills and understand theatre. 

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