'He was some half-white guy'

Jul 11, 2012, 07:49 IST | Agencies

Giving his first ever interview for an anti-Obama documentary, George Obama, the US President's Kenyan half brother, said he was surprised when he met him as a child

Barack Obama’s half-brother is making his film debut in a documentary where he talks about his relationship with his relative who is the most powerful man in the world. George Obama (30) lives in Nairobi, Kenya and first came into the public eye in 2008 when his half-brother was a rising presidentialcandidate.

Coming clean: George Obama (left) who lives in Nairobi showed no hatred for US President Barack Obama and said that the president had more important things to do. File Pic

At the time, he was living in a hut in the slum neighborhood of Haruma, which prompted many critics to deride Barack for not providing financial support. In his interview with conservative journalist Dinesh D'Souza, who based the documentary off his book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, which focuses largely on the US President’s views on colonialism, George Obama keeps his comments about his famous relative fairly positive.

In a clip, D’Souza asked whether he felt dejected that Barack has never offered to help George, but he simply brushed such claims aside. “I think he has a family of his own, he’s supposed to help his family,”' George responded. The journalist didn’t let go, saying that they are blood relatives which should entitle him to be considered a part of Barack Obama’s family, but George still didn’t take the bait. “Yea, I‘m part of his family, but I’m over-age so I can help myself. He’s got other issues to deal with. He’s taking care of the world, so he’s not taking care of me.”

Family roots
George says that when he was five or six-years-old, he met Barack briefly. “I was just surprised — he is some half white guy,” George said in a clip from the documentary. Barack was born in Hawaii by his mother Ann Dunham, who was white with various European ancestry.

The two men share the common bond of their father, Barack Obama Sr, but even that was not very strong because of their age gap. Barack is 50-years-old while George is only 30-years-old, and Barack Sr died in a car accident just six months after George was born.

The US President reportedly has seven half-siblings on his father’s side — including George, though the paternity of two of his reported half-brothers, named Abo and Bernard, is questioned. In the documentary interview, George said that he remembers little about his father except the stories that his mother told him.

“He was really educated,” George said of his deceased father. “My mom was disappointed in me because I actually didn’t finish my schooling. I really did let her down, I let my father down because he was an intellectual guy.” George wrote a book, entitled Homeland, which was published in 2010. 

Obama: We’re getting outraised
US President Obama again warned donors he could lose if they don’t start giving more money. “We’re getting outraised — a first for a sitting president, if this continues,” Obama said in an e-mail to financial backers. The e-mail went out a day after Obama's campaign announced it had raised $71 million for the month of June, $35 million less than opponent Mitt Romney and the Republicans.

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