Head to Kalyan for a session with stars

Mar 24, 2014, 09:27 IST | The GUIDE Team

This weekend, join a group of stargazers as they set out in search of new celestial objects in Kalyan

If you are game to spend an entire night staring at the sky, looking for unknown objects, a stargazing session might be the perfect break for a weekend escape. This Saturday, head to Kalyan for a stargazing session with Cosmos Paradise, a group of friends, who love spending their nights staring at the sky.

The one-night outing in Kalyan hopes to hunt a totally new set of heavenly objects called Caldwell Catalogue, consisting of 109 celestial objects, including star clusters, nebulae and galaxies. But participants will also get a chance to look at celestial objects closer to the earth.

Though the stargazers expect the skies to clear and cloudless for a good observation and the atmosphere to be free of dew condensation, chances are, things might not work according to plan, entirely. So, before you sign up, ensure you are ready to return without catching any stars. Also, to participate, you must join Cosmos Paradise on Facebook, and fill a form available online via the group’s Facebook page.

On March 29, 6 pm onwards
At Kalyan
Last date to confirm March 25,
9 pm
COST R600 (travel extra)
LOG ON TO www.facebook.com/WanderLustAdventures

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