Headache hospitalises teenager for eight days

Jun 14, 2016, 06:02 IST | Rupsa Chakraborty

It caused internal bleeding in the brain, as the boy is a haemophiliac; he was given Factor VIII at KEM to clot the blood

For 19-year-old Ravi Jain from Udaipur, a trip to Mumbai to meet his uncle recently turned into a nightmare, as he was hospitalised for eight days after a headache. The headache caused internal bleeding in his brain, as Jain is a haemophiliac (his blood does not clot).  

Ravi Jain
Jain was discharged and is gearing up to take admission to Commerce

Jain arrived in Mumbai on April 28. He was with his uncle Mahavir Jain, when he complained of a headache and suddenly fainted, on May 1. His uncle rushed him to KEM Hospital where doctors found there was internal bleeding in the brain. His uncle, a businessman, said, “I was really scared when he suddenly fell unconscious. Though I knew about his disorder, I had never seen him in such a condition. In fact, in my wildest dreams, I didn't think that a headache would lead to such a big problem.”

Jain said that the headaches started in December 2015 but this time his condition got worse. “I am taking treatment at Udaipur for haemophilia but it isn’t proper. So this time when I got the headache, it was aggravated and led to internal bleeding,” he said. He added that he would be taking treatment for haemophilia from KEM now. 

He was kept in KEM hospital for eight days and was given Factor VIII to clot the blood. Dr Chandrakala S, associate professor of the department of Clinical Haematology, KEM Hospital, who treated him said, “Haemophilia is an inherited disorder due to deficiency of a clotting factor. In this, internal bleeding can start in any part of the body at any time. This case is different as a sudden headache led to internal bleeding that could be life threatening also.”

“Internal bleeding can start any time even without injury, in the brain or body joints. But sadly, many people are unaware of the disease, so often when there is a sudden swelling in any part of the body or a headache, they ignore it and take pain killers over the counter, which can be fatal,” said Dr Chandrakala.

Jain was released from the hospital on May 9 and is gearing up to take admission in Commerce in Udaipur.

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