Health: 5 working professionals explain why you shouldn't skip breakfast

Mar 15, 2016, 09:10 IST | Dipanjan Sinha

Experts tell you not to skip the first meal, but it’s tough to follow the rule. Five professionals with erratic schedules
tell Dipanjan Sinha how they make time for breakfast. Read, learn, repeat

Atul Kasbekar: Fashion photographer and film producer
Atul Kasbekar does not let the grind interfere with his mornings. "However late I have stayed up the night before, I wake up early and am fixed on my breakfast habit," he says. Typically, he prefers multigrain toast and unsweetened peanut butter with two cups of strong cappuccino, which he brews himself, to begin the day. A little later, he has a glass of juice.

Rahul Dravid and Atul Kasbekar
Fashion photographer Atul Kasbekar with Rahul Dravid during a shoot

"I am boring about my breakfast," he admits.  The busy photographer is often on the road, shooting outdoors and beating the clock for the perfect light on fashion shoots and other assignments. "At such times, I depend on breakfast buffets. Then, it is either bacon and eggs or Idli-Vada," he says.

Atul Kasbekar

Kasbekar's breakfast plan
>> Multigrain toast with unsweetened peanut butter
>> Coffee z Juice
>> Bacon and eggs
>> Idli-Vada

Vivan Bhatena, model & actor
The actor finds it challenging to maintain his diet since he trains and requires high-protein intake. "My schedule is always erratic. When shooting for Khatron Ke Khiladi, we used to shoot for 20-hours straight, and I had to squeeze in meals in the free time. But I make it a point to wake up early and have six eggs and oatmeal with a cup of tea," he says. He carries protein bars whenever he travels. "It is an expensive proposition but worth the investment. Busy or not, I have to maintain my physique, so that I don’t lose muscle since I am an ectomorph." When he can’t get cooked food, he goes out, buys 200 gram of paneer and eats it with salt and pepper. "On sets, I ask for eggs, and when travelling the protein packs come to the rescue," he says.

Vivaan Bathena

Vivan’s breakfast plan
>> Six eggs
>> Oatmeal
>> Tea
>> Carries protein bars when travelling

Prammod Sanghi, actor & filmmaker
This filmmaker enjoys a big and hearty breakfast. "With my work, it gets difficult to make time to sleep but I ensure that I wake up in time before  the sun rises. I love my mornings and the first meal of the day," he says. He eats at 6 am, after a meditation session.

Prammod Sanghi

It comprises a mix of sweet potatoes, sprouts and peanuts or jowar paratha with homemade peanut butter, teamed with freshly squeezed watermelon juice, eggs and Espresso coffee. "There are days when you have to take an early morning flight or travel by road. It’s easier to lay hands on a fresh juice and Espresso these days, thanks to cafés that are open early," he says. He, however, depends more on natural foods than packaged and usually plans the dabba, the night before.

Actor and filmmaker Prammod Sanghi at a film shoot
Actor and filmmaker Prammod Sanghi at a film shoot

Prammod’s breakfast plan
>> Sweet potatoes
>> Sprouts and peanuts
>> Jowar paratha
>> Watermelon juice
>> Eggs
>> Espresso

Alisha Mashruwala, education consultant
The education consultant, who is always  on the move, has followed a strict exercise regime from her days at university, making breakfast all the more important. "I eat a heavy breakfast of eggs and toast, cereal, poha with cold coffee every morning, and allow myself a cheat meal of waffles or pancakes on Sundays," shares Mashruwala. The meetings, seminars and outsation travel, that characterises her work, often leads her to skipping lunch. And a healthy breakfast keeps her going through the day, supplemented with regular snacking on dry fruits. 

Alisha Mashruwala, education consultant

Alisha’s breakfast plan
>> Eggs and toast
>> Cereal
>> Poha
>> Cold Cofffee
>> Waffles or pancake

Amrapali Patil, doctor & wellness expert
The doctor insists breakfast is the most important meal of the day. She says, "According to Ashtanga Yoga, (which she has trained in), one should eat breakfast as soon as the sun rises." She avoids greasy or oily food for her first meal. Oatmeal porridge, skimmed milk and eggs usually do it for her. On other days, she goes with poha or upma with a few veggies thrown in. When travelling, Dr Patil prefers to carry a working bag, and packs in muesli or oatmeal . So all she needs to do add is hot water. 

Amrapali Patil, doctor & wellness expert

Amrapali’s breakfast plan
>> Oatmeal porridge
>> Skimmed milk z Eggs
>> Muesli
>> Poha
>> Upma

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