Heart patient gets new life on 50th birthday

May 23, 2013, 09:43 IST | Richa Pinto

Kolhapur-based Shivaji Bhosale who was brought to a Navi Mumbai hospital last week for an open-heart surgery got a special gift on his special day

For Shivaji Bhosale, memories of his 50th birthday will always be special as the day marked the beginning of a new life, quite literally. Bhosale was admitted to a city hospital for an open-heart surgery, which was scheduled on his birthday putting his family in a fix. However, since the doctor had suggested the day for his operation, Bhosale’s family had to agree with the same.

Bhosale was suffering from calcific aortic stenosis — a condition that narrows aortic valve. He would often have bouts of breathlessness and sweat profusely in his sleep. His family soon realised that his symptoms were not good news and took him to a local doctor who informed that his valves have been severely damaged.

Bhosale’s doctor later referred him to Nerul’s D Y Patil hospital for further course of action. Dr James Thomas, cardiac surgeon who operated on Bhosale, said, “After conducting tests on Bhosale we realised his damaged valves had to be replaced and didn’t want to take any chances as it was high-risk procedure.”

With the help of advanced tissues, which last for over 25 years unlike the ones that lasted for 10 to 15 years, Bhosale’s surgery was successful and he was back to being healthy to bring in his 25th anniversary next month with his wife.

Bhosale’s wife Sushila said, “The fact that it was his birthday had us worried. Birthdays are special and we did not want to even think of anything going wrong with him on that day.”

“I could not even think of spending my anniversary day all alone. My husband never had any health issues like diabetes or blood pressure ever and hence such a high-risk operation had definitely scared us,” Sushila, a mother of four who is now looking forward to her special day said.  

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