Hectic tweeting follows rumours of Dhoble transfer to Pune

Jul 19, 2012, 07:21 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Youth turn to micro-blogging site to vent anxiety after rumours of Mumbai bar raider ACP's transfer; cop says no transfer orders

“Welcome to Pune Mr. Dhoble. Haven’t you had enough of Mumbai that you want to disrupt the life in Pune?” reads a tweet, one of several similar messages posted on the micro-blogging site Twitter since morning yesterday.

Rumours of Assistant Commissioner of Police (Social Service Branch), Mumbai, Vasant Dhoble’s transfer to the city spread like wildfire yesterday and gave rise to passionate discussions on Twitter.

The ACP at it: Vasant Dhoble at a recent raid on an establishment in Mumbai. File Pic

Dhoble, who has faced much criticism of late because of his raids on Mumbai bars and restaurants that activists say often leave patrons and workers of the establishment terrorised, said he had not received any orders of transfer from Mumbai to the city.

“I don’t know whether there are rumours, but I didn’t receive any orders of transfer to Pune,” he said. The rumour was powerful enough to make anxious netizens ask one another on Twitter whether Dhoble had really been transferred to the city.

Is it true?
Vipul Nakashe tweeted: “ACP Dhoble transferred to Pune apparently... Is it true? Rejoice for some discipline time for Pune.”  Noren Kamat, who seemed to be annoyed by this rumour, tweeted: “Dhoble don't you know this about Pune? It shuts at 11:30. What are you even going to change?”

At the same time, the rumour made Mumbai youngsters happy, with one tweet reading: “Party invites and party list is ready... Mumbai back in party mood.”

Another netizen, Anushka Hajela, tweeted: “Is it true? Has Dhoble really been transferred to Pune? Because I refuse to get excited till I know for sure!” Commissioner of Police Gulabrao Pol refused to comment on the matter, only saying he did not have any information about it.  

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