Help pours in for acid attack victim's child's education

Published: Dec 12, 2013, 06:31 IST | Richa Pinto |

Hours after her moving story was published in MiD DAY's cover page, Mabiya Mandal had help pouring in from all quarters of the city yesterday

The 21-year-old woman, whose husband flung acid at her last September, had told MiD DAY that she wishes to see her daughter Anisha educated, but her family’s straitened circumstances weren’t allowing for that (‘Acid attack victim’s wish: To see her 5-yr-old girl in school’).

Mabiya before her husband attacked her with acid

A well-known city-based NGO, as well as concerned locals visited Mabiya yesterday, offering funds to her father to ease the family’s suffering and putting Anisha on the road to a good schooling. A host of MiD DAY readers have also written in, saying they want to offer their help in some way. Mabiya told this correspondent, “At noon, there was a woman who said she was from Nerul, who walked into the ward and offered my father Rs 2,000 in cash and a bag full of biscuits for my daughter Anisha. My face has been scarred for over a year now, because of the incident, but if something is being done for my daughter would mean a lot to me.”

MiD DAY’s report on Mabiya’s hopes for her daughter Anisha moved readers, who called in offering help. A bank account has been created when funds donated for the child’s schools can be sent

The hospital too has been receiving numerous enquiries regarding the case, after the report appeared yesterday. Superintendent of the hospital Dr Shyam More said, “Her stay in the hospital for the last one year has been possible only because of the concern shown by our group president Vijay Patil, who gave us a green signal to adopt Mabiya, so that we could help her condition improve in some way. The family has seen some really tough times since the incident occurred, and now too, the condition of their daughter is making it difficult for them to send Anisha to school.”

City-based NGO Beti too has come forward offering help to Mabiya. Anu Ranjan from the organisation said, “I have already spoken to the doctor and informed him that a cheque of Rs 1 lakh from BETI for Anisha’s education would be couriered, and should reach them tomorrow, so that the basic educational needs can be taken care of. Besides, I am also trying to pitch in for school fees for the first two years of the child’s schooling.”

Meanwhile, the hospital management is also planning to open a bank account for Mabiya so that the money sent in by readers can be deposited and used for her daughter. “We are also trying to identify a school in the vicinity where Anisha can be enrolled. We believe that separating the daughter from the mother would not be right. So we are making arrangements to ensure that she starts going to school even while she stays with her mother.”

Mabiya’s father Surabuddin, who is unemployed and has been taking care of Mabiya, said that the problem was not limited to shortage of funds, but was also logistical in nature. “We want Anisha to go to school, but so far we were not able to figure out how to do it. With me being with Mabiya full time, it was difficult for me to find time to take her to and bring her back from school.” Mabiya said that she can finally see a ray of hope for her daughter, who she wishes to be educated in an English medium school.

Readers respond
I would like to adopt her child and provide her education till her mother is being treated. She can take her child back once she stands on her own feet.
- Sushila Tiwari, Dr B R Ambedkar University, Agra

Please inform how help can be given to her and who will make sure it is spent in the right way only for the child’s education. Please give the information and I am sure many of us will be more than happy to assist in whichever small way we can. Thanks!
- Dhananjay Arora, works at Kwebmaker Digital Agency

There are many willing to help the lady and her child. Salute to the mother.
- Zakir Hussain, St Germains High School

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