Herd of hogs attack elderly veggie vendor

Jul 19, 2013, 00:42 IST | Anuradha Varanasi

68-year-old woman was sleeping on her cart when she was woken up by 7-8 pigs munching on her vegetables; the swine battered her when she tried to shoo them away

The bizarre haunts this city’s denizens. A 68-year-old woman was yesterday attacked by a pack of pigs in Kanjurmarg (E). The incident took place around 5.30 am after Pyaari Devi Gupta, a vegetable vendor, was woken up by the herd, busy chomping on vegetables kept in a basket on the cart.

Pyaari Devi Gupta
Hog attack: The victim, Pyaari Devi Gupta, has suffered several bites and gaping wounds on both her hands, and right leg

“When she tried to get rid of them, the pigs turned violent and savaged her,” said her grandson Munna Gupta (19). The elderly victim was bitten many times on both her hands and right leg. She said the pigs mauled her when she tried to fight them off.

Pyaari Devi was attacked in front of St Francis Xavier Church in Kanjurmarg (E) where she has been selling vegetables for several years. “She is used to sleeping on an empty vegetable cart which is sheltered from the rains, as she wakes up early and starts working,” Munna said. “We have realised that it was a mistake to let her sleep outside as these pigs who are bred nearby are allowed to venture out to look for food.”

There is garbage strewn all over the area, which attracts the swine as they are looking for food.

When a brutalised Gupta returned to her chawl close by, her relatives were shocked to see the bleeding, gaping wounds on her body. “This is the first time we have heard of something like this. When she came home, some of her flesh was hanging from her arms. She was in a state of shock,” said a distraught Munna.

She was shifted to Ghatkopar’s Rajawadi Hospital where she was administered vaccine shots and preventive care. Speaking to MiD DAY, an on-duty doctor at the hospital said, “One of the fingers on her left hand was nearly bitten off and she had to undergo suturing. Also, her left hand has multiple fractures because of the bites and it will take at least four to five weeks before she can move her hand again.” She will be kept under observation at the hospital for a few days.

“Luckily for her, there was no major damage to her bones, saving her the pain of going through a surgery. But she will require rest for the next few weeks,” added the doctor.  

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