Here comes the rainbow

Jul 14, 2013, 05:49 IST | Punam Chavan

Forty-two-year old artist Natasha Lalla is all set to show her works titled The Spectrum of Life in an art exhibition at the Cosmic Heart Gallery

Self-taught artist Natasha Lalla has been practising her art for the past 14 years. Her work titled The Spectrum of Life is inspired by the theme of rainbow which has vibrant hues of colours, that lifts up human spirit and brings a ray of hope and joy.

Baba’s Roses has flamboyant red strokes painted all over the canvas to depict roses

“I have been painting since childhood. I have no formal training but I love to paint, “says the 42-year -old painter.

What is unique about her work is that she prefers painting with her fingers, rather than using a brush. She feels using her fingers energises her paintings with her positive vibes.

”I have always been a spiritual person. Spirituality brings a lot of positivity in an individual, that is spread around through different mediums. I chose art as my medium to spread this positive energy,” mentions Lalla.

 The artist faced a lot of challenges while painting with bare fingers. It took her nearly 10 days to complete each painting. “When I painted with oil paint for hours on the canvas I got blisters on my fingers. I had to wait for the blisters to heal to resume painting again,” she explains.

Lalla unleashes her creativity by painting with acrylic colours on the canvas. Her paintings depict bright hues of colours blended together with finger strokes.

Her favourite painting is titled Baba’s roses. Its unique aspect is that whether you hang it vertically or horizontally, one simply sees roses all over painted beautifully in red flamboyant strokes.

“I paint when my mind feels cheerful and hence I transfer these positive vibes to my work which is soothing to the eyes of the beholder,” concludes Lalla.

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