Here's how a woman can orgasm non-stop for four months!

Jul 31, 2012, 13:25 IST | ANI

A typical female orgasm lasts just six to ten seconds but according to author and sex instructor Nicole Daedone, with the right partner and advanced technique, it can last for anything up to four months

According to Daedone, women can experience a four-month orgasm through the applied practice of “orgasmic meditation”, or OM, which allows them to live in a continually aroused state that helps them embrace all areas of their life with sensuality and vigour.

Sex and relationships, Here's how a woman can orgasm non-stop for four months!

“Orgasm is the body’s ability to receive and respond to pleasure. Pure and simple. Climax is often a part of orgasm, but it is not the sum total,” a major newspaper quoted Daedone, author of ‘Slow Sex, The Art And Craft Of The Female Orgasm’, as saying.

“Make this distinction and you change the whole game. You discover that women are just as orgasmic as men — maybe even more so. You discover that women want sex as much as men do — just not the sex that’s usually on the menu.”

The woman’s job is to concentrate ‘mindfully’ on the sensations she feels, without letting her thoughts run to grocery lists or Corrie. The man’s role is to concentrate on his woman, she says.

Daedone made it clear Slow Sex requires dedication. She tells couples to set aside 45 minutes daily, over ten days, to get any sense of OM’s benefits.

She stresses that OM is not foreplay; it’s practised separately from sex and away from the bed and is not designed to induce orgasm, but to keep the woman on a plateau of sensation.

Daedone believed that most people don’t know the lightest touch can produce the greatest sensation in the female body and that the most important thing is stripping away the barriers to true feeling and becoming joyfully, guiltlessly connected. 

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