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Published: 02 December, 2011 07:32 IST | Prachi Sibal |

Sample some thin crust wood fired pizzas and pair it with Vanilla Milk Oolong tea at this old tea caf � with new attractions

Sample some thin crust wood fired pizzas and pair it with Vanilla Milk Oolong tea at this old tea cafe with new attractions

This easy-to-spot tea cafe on Cunningham Road has proved its worth in the past and we were actually looking forward to stopping by and sampling the new menu additions.

Four Cheese Pizza

The ambience at Infinitea is casual with a few couches and brightly coloured cushions thrown in. Don't forget to look out for the pop art on the walls; it is capable of cheering you up even if you've had a dull day at work. Bon Jovi played non-stop in the background that evening and it didn't go too badly with the art.

The menu, both teas and food, is extensive, has always been. You might have to ask for the waiter to point out to the new additions in the menu and  he will gladly oblige. Also, a new menu of wood fired thin crust pizzas is now placed on every table.

We wasted no time and started out with Dragon Puppets (Rs 180), Vanilla Milk Oolong Tea (Rs 170) and Egyptian Peppermint Tea (Rs 130).
The Dragon puppets were crispy fried fingers with a combination of mashes potatoes and minced chicken. They melted, literally, in our mouths and did quite the job of setting our appetite for the meal that was about to arrive.

Spicy Malay Noodles

The vanilla tea had the whiff of freshly baked goodies with vanilla essence and had a refreshing yet calming effect on us. The peppermint tea was a strong and refreshing peppermint infusion that stayed with us. The teas at Infinitea hardly need any testimony.
The real thing we were here to test was the cuisine additions. We suggest you also order a plate of English Scones (R 160) to accompany the tea of your choice. Warm and crumbly, these scones come with whipped cream and blueberry jam and is delightful.

For the mains, we ordered a Four Cheese Pizza (Rs 425) from the new pizza menu and Spicy Malay Noodles (Rs 270). We were soon to discover that the Four Cheese Pizza was to become the highlight of our meal and something we would go back to the cafe for, more than once.
On a wood fired thin crust were layers of cheese- parmesan, mozzarella, blue cheese and cheddar, garnished with some basil. The pizza smelt heavily of blue cheese and made it quite irresistible. We dug in only to find the combination of gooey cheese and crispy crust perfect.
For cheese fans, this certainly is pure bliss. Throw in some chili flakes if you prefer your meal not-so-bland and you're good to dig into cheesy heaven. The Malay noodles, a plate of flat noodles, doused in soy and loaded with veggies and sprouts.

Spicy, crunchy and with the right amount of sour flavour, these noodles were quite a plateful but paled in comparison to the pizza.
The meal left us fulfilled and we decided against digging into the known delicious desserts (there are no new options here). All in all, this calming tea cafe is worth making several trips to for the rare but delightful combination of pizzas with flavoured tea.

Where Infinite, Shan Sultan Complex, Cunningham Road
Call 41148810
Meal for two R 1,500
Infinitea didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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