Hi-tech ambulances for accident victims in Navi Mumbai soon

Aug 04, 2012, 07:13 IST | Saurabh Katkurwar

NMMC to purchase 6 state-of-the-art vehicles for providing speedy medical help to victims; two will have built-in operation theatres

The next time there is a major accident on the Palm Beach Road in Navi Mumbai, a hi-tech ambulance stationed on the highway might well be seen rushing to the accident spot and providing immediate medical help to the victims.

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation has decided to buy six state-of-the-art ambulances in the next few days, and will station these on all major highways falling under NMMC’s jurisdiction.

Of the six hi-tech ambulances, two will have built-in operation theatres.

Golden hour
Last year, over nine accident victims died, allegedly, due to delay in receiving medical treatment soon after the accidents.

The ambulances are likely to get operational in the next couple of months.

“We have come across some reports that most accident victims die due to lack of immediate medical treatment, and so we have decided to station six ambulances on major highways in the city,” Navi Mumbai Mayor Sagar Naik said.

“All six ambulances will be equipped with hi-tech facilities so that necessary medical treatment can be provided to accident victims immediately. In addition, two ambulances will have an operation theatre, wherein four operations can be done in each of the ambulances simultaneously.”

Naik said the ambulances would heed distress calls from anywhere in the city.

“The ambulances will attend to help calls from any part of the city and we think many lives will be saved with the help of these ambulances,” he said.

Mobile operations
The two ambulances equipped with operation theatres will be of the size of a regular bus.

In addition, qualified surgeons will be appointed for these ambulances.

There will be surgeons with these ambulances at all times of the day and night to treat victims of major accidents.

“We have decided to appoint qualified surgeons along with the necessary medical staff to operate in these ambulances. Once the proposal for purchasing these ambulances gets approved in the General Body meeting in the next few days, we will start procurement of the ambulances soon,” Naik said.

Rs 2cr
The amount the NMMC will spend on purchasing six hi-tech ambulances

Casualties on Palm Beach Road
>> A 25 year-old man was critically injured after a car knocked him down on June 2
>> A 50-year-old biker was killed after a speeding car rammed his two-wheeler on June 12
>> A four-month-old baby died in an accident on the road on January 14
>> Four youngsters lost their lives after their car rammed into a tree on December 1 

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