Highway cops ask motorists on expressway to report errant drivers

Apr 22, 2014, 05:28 IST | Dheeraj Bengrut

The complainant can call the highway traffic police’s helpline with details of the vehicle’s registration number and the area where the driver defaulted, along with a picture as proof

The highway traffic police have come up with a novel idea to nab errant drivers. They have urged commuters to help them keep a check on those who do not abide by the traffic rules. All one needs to do to is click a picture of speeding vehicle or one not observing lane discipline, and forward the information to the highway traffic police.

In a recent week-long drive, the highway traffic police (HTP) has caught more than 500 heavy motor vehicles drivers on the e-way for not following lane discipline and violating highway rules. And now, HTP have made special plans to nab such reckless drivers on the e-way to prevent the increasing number of fatal accidents. 

The department now wants commuters to participate and help in nabbing such drivers. Superintendent of police (highway traffic) Rashmi Karandikar said, “More than 80 per cent of accidents on the Expressway are due to vehicles not observing lane discipline and those defying the speed limit. To ensure that the highway is safe, we will now be taking help of the commuters in this initiative.”

She added, “While passing through the e-way, if anyone finds a vehicle continuously changing lanes and risking lives of others, then for a proof, the complainant should take a picture of that vehicle, call the e-way helpline number and give details like vehicle registration number and the area where that vehicle driver flouted the rule.”

Bhushan Mane, frequent traveller, said, “I travel to Mumbai regularly for work in my own car and I come across many heavy vehicles breaking the speed limit and cutting lanes. It is very risky and due to this undisciplined behaviour, highway mishaps are on the rise. We cannot stop on the e-way and catch any driver for irresponsible driving. So taking picture and providing details to the highway traffic police is a better idea and we will certainly participate in it.”

Karandikar said, “A team of five members of highway traffic police will be deployed at the Khalapur and Talegaon toll booths. After receiving the call, highway traffic control room will alert the traffic cops at the booths and it will be easy to nab the vehicle on the spot.”


While appealing to people to take pictures of vehicles breaking traffic rules on the expressway, the HTP also needs to check their nabbing methods as according to the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, Section 250 (A), using mobile phones while driving is an offence and R200 is charged for it.

Helpline numbers
022-222657598,·020-25819301, 98334 98334, 9822498224, 98675 98675.
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