Highway cops give law students some lessons on safe driving

Jan 16, 2014, 12:12 IST | Richa Pinto

The seminar, held on January 13, was part of the ongoing Road Safety Mission 2014; students were explained the importance of driving cautiously by adhering to traffic norms

As part of the Road Safety Mission 2014, the highway traffic police recently held a Defensive Driving Workshop for the students of Dr DY Patil Law College in Nerul.

Other events were conducted throughout the week as part of Road Safety Mission 2014

To spread awareness, the police have collaborated with a driving school whose employees are seen visiting various colleges in the city as a part of the ongoing campaign. A workshop that was held on January 13 saw authorities of S K Wheels explaining to students things they need to remember while driving or riding a motorcycle. The message was driven home through a powerpoint presentation and pictorial representation.

The seminar in progress

Santosh Joshi, one of the speakers and a driving instructor, said, “When driving a car or riding a scooter, one must completely focus on what they are doing. They should not indulge in any other activity whatsoever. Be it speaking on a mobile phone using headphones or bluetooth. A person can be penalised under the Motor Vehicles Act if he does not follow the traffic rules.”

The students were explained the qualities a good driver must possess, included adherence to the road rules, road rage management and allowing aggressive drivers to pass by. Principal Dr Ajay Patil said they had received a request from the highway traffic police to conduct a seminar for law students, and that the management was more than happy to heed to their request.

“With most of the college students driving cars and riding scooters these days, it is definitely a good exposure for them. They were given so much in-depth knowledge on driving safely, which is sure to help them in the long run.” The final chapter of the workshop was a quiz contest and students were given gifts for correctly identifying every traffic sign shown in the power point presentation.

Prime focus
>> Zebra crossing needs to be maintained
>> Driving under the influence of alcohol is punishable
>> Causes of accident: Driver’s weak physical and mental condition, vehicle malfunction and bad weather
>> Hand signs which need to be used
>> 3 am to 5 am is a dangerous time for driving

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