His long shadow

Oct 08, 2011, 06:34 IST | Lindsay Pereira

Making sense of the good, bad and often strange trending topics online

Making sense of the good, bad and often strange trending topics online

48 hours after his passing, the former CEO of Apple continued to inspire tributes. This prompted a certain Tommy Wee to comment: 'Famous people everywhere are trying not to die this week for fear of nobody caring.'
For Vegas Paul, the phenomenon was explained thus: 'Bill Gates put a computer in every household, but Jobs put one in every pocket.'
According to Elias Gonzalez, 'If it's where Jobs has gone, he'll probably revolutionise heaven. Expect the new iPray by Christmas.'
And an observation from Ramesh Srivats: 'Irony alert: Yesterday, millions of people posted the same television commercial; one that urged us all to "think different".'

The other big story
Almost lost in the buzz surrounding Apple was the Nobel Prize in literature, awarded to Swedish poet Tomas Transtr mer.

In Roger Ebert's opinion, 'Odds-makers wrong again. Transtromer, not Bob Dylan, wins.' Madhavan Narayanan tweeted: 'Dear Steve, sad to see you die.

But why did you have to take away my 15 minutes? Yours truly, Tomas Transtr mer.'

Sonali Ranade asked, tongue presumably in cheek: 'Has an India link to him or his work been found yet? Failing all else, was he inspired by Gandhi, Buddha or Transcendental Meditation?'

Until next year

On Dussehra, Shiv Aroor wanted to know: 'Does the burning of Raavan every year point to the latent arsonist in all of us?

The cheering crowds, mere lynch mobs?' Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma had another question: 'I don't know of a single misdeed Raavan did before he kidnapped Sita.

So was he a nice guy before that?' And from Nainy Sahani: 'To all SRK fans, the real Raavan is mightier than, well, a mis-spelt one. Keep your stupid movie away from me this weekend.'

The last word
From journalist Rajdeep Sardesai: 'Bal Thackeray address at Shivaji Park: Son Uddhav on one side, grandson Aditya on the other. Who says dynasty is Congress monopoly?'

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