Holy cow! Jain man livid after being served beef

Jun 30, 2012, 06:17 IST | A Correspondent

It may have been an accident, but for Premlal Topiwala (40), a pure vegetarian, a luncheon visit to Catholic Gymkhana, South Mumbai yesterday, has left a bad taste in his mouth, which has made him think twice about ever returning.

Juhu resident Topiwala was horrified after biting into julienne pieces of beef, especially since he is a strict vegetarian on religious grounds (He follows Jainism). 

Unacceptable: Premlal Topiwala, a strict vegetarian, has written to the Catholic Gymkhana management, demanding an aplology for the goof up. Pics/Bipin Kokate

Topiwala realised that the food served to him at the gymkhana restaurant wasn’t the one he had ordered, and only after he ate it, he realised it was beef, and not potato.

He immediately spat out the food on his plate, and called for the manager. The manager was prompt and apologised to Topiwala. However, Topiwala is unhappy, as he claims only the restaurant manager apologised, and not the gymkhana management. Hence, Topiwala has shot a letter to the gymkhana and wants the management to apologise to him.

“I have written a letter to the management of the club and they haven’t replied to me. I have been frequenting the gymkhana for such a long time, but today was the first time after five years, I have encountered such a jumble. I didn’t expect such a service failure from a well reputed gymkhana,” said Topiwala.

Mark Noronha, manager of the restaurant, said, “Yes it was a mistake, as one of our staff got confused, and instead served the wrong order. We apologised to the customer and have deep regrets about the incident.”

Gymkhana president Dr Victor Rodrigues, said, “It’s unfortunate that such an incident has happened in the restaurant of the gymkhana. I haven’t received the copy of the letter yet, but will take necessary action and whatever happened shouldn’t have taken place.” 

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