Home-run Versova bakery offers dips, sticks and other treats

Feb 04, 2015, 08:00 IST | Krutika Behrawala

From healthy breakfast jars and chocolate tarts to yum Mexican dips and whole-wheat bread sticks, order sweet and savoury goodies from Divino Treats for a knockout house party

Residents in Versova vouch for homemaker Varsha Sejpal’s home-run company Divino Treats that has been offering a variety of eggless confectioneries and cakes for a while now. Curious to figure out what the buzz was all about, we dialed her home, only to be greeted with a warm voice that rattled off a long list of dips, whole-wheat and gluten-free breads, cheesecakes and tarts. She has also introduced herbed butters as well as healthy oatmeal breakfast jars. She emphasises that quantities of items can be customised as per the client’s needs.

A platter of Foccacia bread, pita sticks with garlic and herbs and whole-wheat lavash with low-cal yogurt, cucumber and dill dip, Mexican dip with beans and cream cheese and Mediterranean dip

After sticking to her recommendations, our order included three types of dips (200 gms each) — low-cal Greek yogurt with cucumber and dill (Rs 150), Mexican dip with bean and cream cheese (Rs 200) and a five-layered Mediterranean dip (Rs 225). Accompanying these starters were pita sticks with garlic and herbs (Rs 100 for 100 gms), whole-wheat Lavash (Rs 80 for 100 gms) and whole-wheat Foccacia bread with Olives and Sundried Tomatoes (Rs 160 for two pieces). Add to that: a jar of onion and paprika butter (Rs 100 for 100 gms).

Choco Mousse Tart, Fruit Tart and Mocha Tart.
Choco Mousse Tart, Fruit Tart and Mocha Tart. Pics/Datta Kumbhar

From the breakfast options, we chose the Oatmeal breakfast jar with strawberry and chocolate (Rs 150 for 175 gms) and rounded off the order with Sour Cherry Cheesecake (Rs 175 per piece) and three mini tarts —fruit, chocolate mousse and mocha (Rs 40 per piece). Neatly packed in sturdy glass jars, the order was waiting for us when we arrived at her home (one needs to pick it up from her place) and everything was in edible condition except for the Cheesecake (it had an unfortunate tumble), during our 30-minute commute to office.

Oatmeal breakfast jars, the one with strawberry and chocolate (right) was our pick over the banana and walnut one
Oatmeal breakfast jars, the one with strawberry and chocolate (right) was our pick over the banana and walnut one

First up, we tried the three dips with the sticks and lavash. Each dip had a distinct flavour, a relief from the assembly-line dips that we’ve reviewed in the past. While the five-layered dip comprised chickpea hummus along with Philadelphia cheese, yogurt, olives and cherry tomatoes — a cool snack for a warm summer day, the Mexican blended the mashed beans well with cream cheese, without making it too spicy. The winner: the crunchy pita sticks that complemented all the three dips well, and had the right flavouring of herbs and garlic. The Foccacia was light and soft and with the butter, made for a meal by itself. Perhaps, that’s why it was polished off in no time.

The breakfast jar that had oatmeal blended with almond milk, chia seeds and was loaded with fruits is a must-try for those who turn up their noses at oatmeal. While the three tarts earned our thumbs-up, the Cheesecake, because of its rich consistency, was slanted on the sour side.

What impressed us the most about Sejpal’s fare was the perfect balance in her use of ingredients and baking, apart from awesome value-for-money. Ideal for house parties and snacking craves.

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Divino Treats didn’t know we were there. the guide reviews anonymously and pays for its meals.

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