'Hooded' biker thief nabbed by Mumbai cops

Aug 04, 2013, 02:03 IST | Sagar Rajput

Cops arrest 25-year-old who hid his face behind a helmet while attacking and robbing women; hunt on for his accomplice

City crime branch officials on Saturday arrested a biker — one half of a two-member gang who attacked brutally and injured them before making a dash with their valuables.

Police said the accused, Jaychand Achanand Yadav alias Vakil (25) and his associate would wear helmets to cover their faces while committing an offence. Their luck ran out after they attacked a group of women inside Vikhroli Church and ran away with their valuables.

Mumbai biker gang arrested
Representational picture

The women gave enough clues about the duo for the cops to track down Yadav from Vikhroli west. He has revealed the name of his accomplice, cops said.

Last Sunday the four women — Judet Pinhero (26), Merry Rajesi (36), Jessy Narona (60) and Chodeena Alexander (31) were assaulted and looted by the two bikers as they waited for their regular choir practice after mass at Vikhroli Church.

The duo allegedly entered the church and started abusing them. According to Alexander’s statement to the police, “The two men snatched Pinhero’s phone and then mine.” According to the complainants, they were looted of goods worth Rs 41,000. 

Assistant police inspector Anil Dhole from Crime Branch Unit 7 said, “We got the cell phone number of the accused with the help of our informers. We traced the number to Vikhroli, so a team was dispatched and Yadav was caught.” 

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