Hospitals stock up on vaccine after H1N1 alarm

Sep 12, 2011, 06:36 IST | Priyanjali Ghose

After city witnesses a Swine Flu death some days ago, doctors urge vaccination to avoid outbreak of disease

After city witnesses a Swine Flu death some days ago, doctors urge vaccination to avoid outbreak of disease

With incidents of H1N1 infection coming to light, including the death of a 42-year-old a few days ago, city doctors have sounded an alarm.

They, along with the BBMP, are now urging citizens to get the required vaccination, which is available in the city.

According to records with the BBMP, in 2010, there were 2,042 cases of H1N1 reported with 51 deaths. This year till August 6, there have been 55 cases and three deaths.

Doctors at the Columbia Asia Hospital, where the last H1N1 death was reported, claim that there have been around three cases reported this year.
They further added that this year, medical institutions have taken extra efforts to stock up on H1N1 vaccination, so as to prevent an outbreak.

"Vaccination is always a good idea and we have been encouraging people to go for it.

This year, people are more aware and are making an effort to get vaccinated along with members of their family," said Swati Rajagopal, consultant, Infectious Disease at Columbia Asia Hospital.

Doctors explain that both the injectable and nasal H1N1 vaccination are being produced by private companies and cost upwards of Rs 100.

The vaccine is a combination of medication provided for general flu and H1N1 and can be taken by everyone except those suffering from asthma and lung disorders.

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Physicians across the city further add that often people ignore the symptoms, which later intensify and become serious.

"When the vaccine is readily available in the city, people should make use of it. We have been getting cases, but we immediately recommend vaccination.

Furthermore, the effect of H1N1 in the city can be ascertained only by the end of October, as this would mark the end of the post-monsoon season as well.
Also, it is peak time for the spread of H1N1," said Nagendra Swamy, president, Manipal Health Enterprise.

The BBMP also has taken up the H1N1 awareness initiative seriously and is now distributing pamphlets explaining causes, symptoms and remedies at all hospitals, schools and organisations.

The no. of H1N1 deaths in 2010


The no. of H1N1 deaths till August 6 this year

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