Hot weekend: Poonam Pandey, Sherlyn Chopra upload risque images on Twitter

Sep 03, 2012, 09:34 IST | A Correspondent

Bollywood starlets -- Sherlyn Chopra and Poonam Pandey -- both uploaded risque images of themselves on twitter over the weekend in, supposedly, an attempt to rise up the popularity charts on the micro-blogging site.

The weekend saw twitterverse becoming the battle ground for two Bollywood starlets. Sherlyn Chopra and Poonam Pandey are both famous (or infamous) for putting up risque images of themselves on twitter and this weekend was no different.

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Sherlyn Chopra
Sherlyn Chopra's risque images got several people hot under the collar. File Pic/AFP

Saturday and Sunday saw the two reportedly bombarding the site with risque images with Sherlyn Chopra, the first Indian to be featured on the cover of Playboy, taking the lead.

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On late Saturday, Sherlyn Chopra, allegedly uploaded a series of images with the intention of trending worldwide on Twitter. She warned her followers about the explicit nature of the pictures before uploading them and even asked those likely to get offended to “unfollow her immediately”.

Poonam Pandey
The images from Poonam Pandey's twitter account. 

Not to be outdone, Poonam Pandey greeted her followers on Sunday morning and uploaded a series of ‘raunchy’ pictures of her own. 

“#TheSherlynChopraLeague” and “CrazyForPoonamPandey” did get people logging on to Twitter and making the starlets trend on the micro-bloggin site for a while. But the craze didn’t last too long.

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Poonam Pandey though still leads Sherlyn Chopra in terms of followers with the former having over 280, 000 followers and the latter over 120,000.

Though the 'graphic' images got several people hot under the collar, there were many who supported the two for being independent and free women.

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