Hotel guests prefer TV to having sex with partner

May 04, 2012, 13:54 IST | ANI

A new survey has lifted the sheets in the habits of hotel guests around the world, with its findings that 79 percent of Australians prefer to watch TV or movies and 64 percent pull out a book instead of romping with their partner during their hotel stay

The results of a survey puts Aussies at a dismal ranking of 14 out of 18 nationalities surveyed on the romance front, according to news reports.

Meanwhile, a staggering 62 percent of Spaniards claim to have enjoyed a saucy encounter on their last trip, putting them at number one.

Coming in at number two in the raunch stakes was the Danish (50 per cent), followed by the French at third (47 per cent) and Italians at fourth spot (46 per cent).

In fact Aussies are just as likely to sleep naked, as they are to have sex in a hotel, with one in five daring to doze in the buff.

Sleeping in the nude was more popular with Norwegian travellers (one in three), and the British (one in four).

More than 1000 travellers around the world took part in the survey

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