How to fit your vintage furniture in urban homes

Mar 10, 2014, 08:56 IST | Ruchika Kher

Romanian architect Alexandru Dolea, who has a keen interest in Indian art and interiors, gives us tips on how to fit vintage furniture in urban homes

He landed in India over six years ago and fell in love with the country, instantly. "I found it amazing how pedestrians on India’s roads are always smiling,” comments Alexandru Dolea, a Romanian architect and interior designer.

Mumbai musings
The 36-year-old arrived in India from Antwerp to do the interiors for a German company and never left.

After undertaking interior projects in Mumbai and travelling the length and breadth of the country during his stay here, Dolea returned to Antwerp two years ago. He returned to India last year in December to start interior work for two hotels in Bhutan that will be launched by Anurag Kanoria of Mumbai-based furniture store, The Great Eastern Home.

"So now, I juggle between Mumbai and Antwerp,” announces the interior enthusiast, who has an in-depth knowledge of period styles and cutting-edge luxury aesthetics, given his European lineage and his love for interiors.

Recently, Dolea also curated a show of fine vintage furniture, ranging from Tudor, classic French, Chinese and Art Deco, and vibrant art by upcoming artists, titled The Grand Trunk Show, in collaboration with Taj Khazana.

Antique advice
While taking us through the collection and enlightening us about the history and relevance of each piece, Dolea shares the points crucial while placing high value vintage furniture pieces in modern urban homes.

“You don’t have to fill your home with antiques and make your house look like a museum; it has to be a collection of styles that go well with your home. A home should look like a home and not something that has been transformed into a showpiece,” he elaborates.

Dolea emphasises that pieces should be selected according to the space available. “Nothing should look overwhelming in the house. Vintage furniture, which is decades-old, are actually pieces of art and should not be considered as just utility pieces,” he sums up.

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