How to have sex a lift, or after a fight

Published: 13 December, 2012 13:04 IST | Kasmin Fernandes |

Passion feels like something else when unleashed in tricky situations. Kasmin Fernandes brings you the most realistic quickie Guide you'd want to keep handy

>>> In a lift
Old lifts are best suited for love-making because they have an emergency STOP button. Virtually all new elevators have security cameras. If you spot one --usually placed at the top rear --cover it with a piece of tape. Stop the lift between floors; if the elevator is not level with a floor, the corridor doors cannot open, and outsiders won't be able to open the inner doors easily. You'll get 10 to 15 minutes of confined privacy. Don't drop all your clothes. Use the handrail as a perch to sit on or as a way to get your leg raised to a strategic level. Leave no trace of your activities. Rub off markings (with your clothes) from mirrored walls, if any. Release the STOP button or flip the switch to RUN before the door is ripped open. Exit with a straight face.
Tip: If you find a guard outside, tell him there was a malfunction but no one was harmed.

Sex and relationships, How to have sex a changing room, or after a fight

>>> After a fight
Make-up sex may sound like a bad idea, but researchers and couples insist sex after a fight is particularly hot. It's a good way to convert all that anger into passion. Make a brief closing "anger statement". Give your partner encouragement with your eyes. Say in a suggestive tone of voice, "But we can talk about it another time". The make-up ritual can be as simple as taking a shower together or exchanging shoulder rubs. But no more arguing!
Tip: Pull out all stops; remind him/her what he/she could miss if he/she makes you mad again.

>>> On a plane
The best time for sex on the plane is just before the plane reaches cruising altitude or during in-flight entertainment. Walk towards the loo, and ask your date to follow a minute later. Put the toilet seat lid down and wipe it with tissues, or wet paper towel with soap. Keep paper towels or a sanitary toilet seat cover on top for extra protection. The safest sexual position on planes is with one partner sitting on the closed toilet seat. So, if there is turbulence, neither of you will risk a concussion by being too close to the ceiling. If you encounter turbulence, brace yourself against the sink; don't try to stand up or move. A sexier position is upright wheelbarrow with her facing the wall.
Tip: Come out together, feigning illness. It's illegal to have sex in the air. So, tell the air hostess or co-passengers outside that one of you was ill and the other was offering assistance.

>>> In a changing room
Window shopping at the mall can be boring. How about spicing it up with an afternoon romp in the changing room? Find one that has a door and walls extending to the floor. If you can't, look for one with a secure door that has the least traffic. Take clothes with you as if you plan to try them on. Trail after a demanding customer. When the security guard is occupied, duck into the room. Ask your partner to follow behind a few minutes later. Be quick and quiet. Speed is important, especially if your legs are visible from beneath the door or the walls. Depart one person at a time after checking your appearance in the mirror.
Tip: She should depart first if you are in the women's section, and make sure the coast is clear

>>> When you are not in the mood
Being more sexually informed brings "I have a headache" situations to null. Learn more about a lover's anatomy, incorporate new types of foreplay or read a book on pleasuring. Tap your imagination. Allow yourself to imagine all sorts of scenes, including past sexual experiences. When you imagine yourself having sex, you just might end up doing it!
Tip: Pick up A Tired Woman's Guide to Passionate Sex by Laurie B Mintz, for realistic tips on how to reclaim sexual desire. if you are a man, we are guessing you won't have a problem, anyway

She did it in an Airplane
Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon and Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal may have joined the "Mile High Club" amidst claims that the pair got their moan on during a 2007 flight together.

Reese Witherspoon

They reportedly spent more than 10 minutes locked together inside an airplane bathroom while flying from Frankfurt, Germany, to Los Angeles. Reese and Jake kissed and cuddled together under a blanket in her recliner seat in the back row.

Three hours into the flight, Reese reportedly got up from her seat and headed for the bathroom.

Jake joined her a few moments later. They were together in there for 11 minutes, said witnesses. Jake came out of the bathroom first, and Reese reportedly followed him three minutes later. with him!

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