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Oct 02, 2011, 07:29 IST | Sandhya Mridul

I'm a 32 year old man doing fairly well in my job in Mumbai. My problem is that I'm lonely.

Hi Sandhya,
I'm a 32 year old man doing fairly well in my job in Mumbai. My problem is that I'm lonely. I'm not from the city, and I live alone. My friends circle kept me busy and entertained for the past four years, but off late, I've realised that with all my friends getting married or moving on with relationships in their life, I have been left behind.

I've had one unsuccessful relationship and a couple of flings since I moved to the city, but nothing was permanent. And now, with each passing day, as work consumes my life and I have no friends to turn to, I desperately feel the need for a relationship.

I've tried meeting women, but work keeps me so busy that all I end up doing is going from work to home and vice versa. I'm not in favour of an arranged marriage, and am worried that with my work schedule, I will never have the time to meet someone. What do you suggest?
Thanks, Lonely

Dear Lonely,
Firstly this is a phase of life... Nothing is permanent, so stop worrying and imagining that just because this is how it is now, it will always be the same. Maybe this is a phase where you need to work hard.

Secondly, if you really want somebody, it's upto you to make time and space for it... and since you don't have the time for it, be grateful there isn't a relationship in your life because you wouldn't do justice to it anyway.

This is pretty simple, really. You don't want to be lonely, so DON'T BE LONELY! Sort out yourself irrespective of a relationship. You need to make time for yourself. Try balancing out work and personal time.

It's possible, we have all done it and continue to. It's your life and your choice to live it how you like. You need to set the pace and rules. Nobody else can. Once you are clear of your priorities and you send out the right message to God and of course, WOMEN, it will follow through beautifully!
Love, Sandhya

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