I am looking for a boyfriend: Richa Chadha

Jul 12, 2012, 08:41 IST | Asira Tarannum

'Gangs Of Wasseypur' actress on going slow while signing films and her search for romance

Post her role in Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur, Richa Chadha says her phone just hasn’t stopped ringing. So much so that the actress, originally hailing from Delhi, has 11 film offers on hand. Over a piping hot cup of coffee, Richa talks to us about her new film with Meera Nair and life as a single girl.

Was Gangs of Wasseypur a turning point in your career?
I am very thrilled with the response garnered by Gangs of Wasseypur. In fact, a director contacted me for a project right after he read an interview given by me for Gangs. My performance in the film has got me 11 film offers and I will soon be deciding on which projects to sign next.

Any project that you can discuss?
I have just signed Meera Nair’s film. I am also spending a lot of time in script narrations. Offers have been pouring in post Gangs but I am yet to decide which ones I will sign for sure. I don’t want to be an actress who has her next five years blocked, doing back-to-back films. I have seen new actresses doing extremely average work and then going underground for lack of good projects. I don’t want to be like that.”

We have heard you are single...
(Laughs) Oh yes! I am single and absolutely ready to mingle! I don’t have a boyfriend and I am looking for one. I just did not think on these lines because I had to concentrate on work. But now when am doing well, I want to enjoy my life too.

Gangs required you to look chubbier than you are in real life?
Yes, after my accident when I broke my knee, I wasn’t allowed to go to the gym. For Gangs, I had to look older and fat. But I wasn’t fat enough despite not working out. Anurag had to use paddings on my thighs and hips to make me look fat on screen.

You are also doing a film opposite Nikhil Dwivedi?
I play a Delhi girl. I also happen to be from Delhi. But the character is that of a very tough girl who comes from a criminal background. It’s very different from Naghma Khatoon (Richa’s character in Gangs). But as the story progresses, you will understand that there were situations that made her tough.

Are you tough in real life too?
I am strong-minded but I am very fun loving. I make friends easily and I love hanging out with them.

Do you believe in zero size figure?
Umm...I don’t believe in zero size it’s just that you have to be in shape. I at present was not allowed to exercise or go to the gym because of knee fracture, now hopefully I will be getting back to the gym. But yes its very important to stay fit and healthy. 

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