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I'm in love with an office colleague as well as a guy who lives near my residence. I don't know who to choose. I am totally confused

Dear Diana,
I'm in love with an office colleague as well as a guy who lives near my residence. I don't know who to choose. I am totally confused. I am comfortable with both of them. I met this building guy first and have known him for the last five years. I started working last year and now have a thing for this guy at work. I have not told them about each other. The building guy is now telling me to get serious. He has told my brother that if things work out he would like to marry me. He has been dropping a lot of hints to my other family members as well. He has also been giving me expensive gifts like designer handbags and branded cosmetics. I don't know how to tell him that there is another guy on my scene as well. Choosing one of them is proving to be extremely difficult for me. What do I do? Sometimes I feel I should go with the building guy, my office boyfriend though helps me a lot at work.
— Anahita

Illustration/Amit Bandre
Illustration/Amit Bandre

Dear Anahita,
You have to realise that you are making a fool of these two guys. At the moment, they do not know what is happening, but one day they will. And then all hell will break loose and you will end up losing both the guys. It appears that you are mistaking your office colleague's kindness for love. Just because he is helping you does not mean that he likes you. You feel drawn towards him because of his generosity. Has he ever dropped hints about it? You are just assuming that he too loves you. Take a reality check. The building guy has been patiently waiting for you for five years, it is time you took the relationship to the next level. That's the reason he is dropping hints. Clear your muddled point and choose one, you can't have both unless you are planning a threesome.

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