'I caught my husband with another woman...'

Aug 06, 2015, 06:00 IST | Dear Diana

After almost a decade of marriage, my husband has fallen for another woman

Dear Diana,
After almost a decade of marriage, my husband has fallen for another woman. I am shattered and still coming to terms with it. For the past six months, he had been coming home late from work. He would give the excuse of being tied up with work. Initially, I did not think anything was amiss, but when he started disappearing on weekends, I knew that he was hiding something from me. He kept lying and coming up with excuses till I caught him redhanded with the woman. With the help of a close pal of mine, we tailed him one evening. The woman was waiting for him outside a coffee shop. He then drove off with her. We followed them and caught up with them in the parking lot of a mall. He had lied to me that he had gone to meet his boss for some work. My life is all muddled up. I have already had a showdown with the other woman. How could he do this to me? He is now apologetic and says he won't meet her again. I really don't know how my life will go on.
— Reyna


Dear Reyna,
Your husband has dumped you and left you in the lurch. In this time of crisis, even though it may be difficult, you will have to take control of your life. Your husband has wronged you. You cannot change what has happened. There is no point venting your ire towards the other woman as you only have your husband to blame. You did not suspect that anything was amiss and fell for his talk. It is strange that for months you did not find any telltale signs of his extra marital affair. This man has deserted you and you should not let go of him easily. It will take a while for things to settle, and there is no point getting worked up. You need to take help from a family member to get out of the mess. You need to plan the next step. Are you ready to forgive and forget or want to go your way? Either way he needs to realise that he has wronged you and needs to pay for it.

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